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And don’t start thinking that this is some post about me being the milk man’s kid or something.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

This title is actually in reference to my crop tending skills, and lack there of.  While I thought that I had everything figured out, it turns out that something went terribly wrong that hadn’t become obvious to me until this week.

On a walk the BF and I went through the church parking lot near our house that has a HUGE garden with plots for members.  Upon looking at their crops and knowing that they had planted their crops the same week as me…I came to the realization that either these people have a prayer group for their gardens (that was clearly working if that was the case) or I had done something wrong.

Then I researched the gardening sites and it became blatantly obvious that I had missed the lesson on fertilizing and “feeding” your garden.  Time to call in the big guns.

Miracle Grow LiquaFeed to the Rescue!

Same exact size as it was over two months ago...go back and see the comparison. Not good.

Yikes, transplanted dill not looking so hot.

Better late than never on a pea fence, right?

There is good news though; first spotting of green beans!

Plus the little climby plant flowers look good too!

To be continued on the MiracleGro results…I just need to remember that it’s a learning experience and that it will just make next year’s crop that much better.


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