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We had a work sponsored lunch this summer that featured cuisine from a place that I had been following…..the GRASTROTRUCK food truck!  I was thrilled!

Food trucks have been more popular than ever and while the Smack Shack will always hold a special place in my heart, the GASTROTRUCK was a very nice surprise for a weekday lunch.

The Grand Entrance!

Their seasonally inspired offerings by Chef Stephen Trojahn were well executed and through my research I observed that Chef Stephen fosters a farm to truck concept.  In short, they are proud of knowing where all of their ingredients come from (and they should be!).

The truck can be found on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul depending what day it is and can also be booked for company events for unique catering that no one will ever forget!

Here’s a few of the things that were featured on their menu that beautiful summer day:

Gastrotruck Fish Taco with Shredded Beets with a side of Summer Salad

Gastrotruck Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger

The best place to find out where the GASTROTRUCK is parked for lunch or dinner is their twitter account or here at their facebook page, like all of the Twin Cities food trucks.  In addition, here is their website that has some great photos of other menu items that they seasonally feature.

So while the end of the season is near, try to get out there while there is still time!



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