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So recently I was at Smashburger, a high-end burger chain that a coworker of mine is on the breaking point of addicted to.  Since I have never had a burger from there (and don’t plan on getting addicted to them like others I have known to fall prey) I have been trying more exploratory options and recently ran across a great one that I had to feature.

Smashburger’s Classic Cobb – A mix of fresh greens, fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, onions, cheddar and blue cheese topped with buttermilk ranch dressing.  For around $5, where else can you get a salad like that?  It has everything that you would ever want, and even some protein by way of the grill fried egg to keep you full through the day.

Plus, if you would like it healthier you can always omit the bacon and get a different dressing or use it sparingly and on the side (like I often do with dressings).

What an unexpected place to find a good salad at a great price….a burger place!


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