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Earlier this month Stephanie and I traveled to Vietnamese on our Global Cuisine Tour #2.  The only catch was that we didn’t even have to leave one of the richest suburbs in Minnesota!  Thanh Truc (aka the Green Bamboo) was our next stop…

After finding a review  from Kathie Jenkins of the Pioneer Press Stephanie suggested that we give this one a try.  Driving up we weren’t so sure because, as Kathie Jenkins mentioned, the primary foodie’s motto with authentic cuisine is “the greasier and divier…the better”. 

Upon walking in there was immediate realization that neither of us was ready for how nice it would be!  It has a very nice interior with lots of calming  greens and paper laterns throughout the establishment.  Lunch on a Friday was busy but once we got our water and he took our order….it must have taken under 4 minutes for our meal to come out! 

Vietnamese in Minnesota!

Stephanie ordered off of the lunch menu, Shrimp Noodles Saigon Style.  The veggies looked extra crunchy and the shrimp appeared to be of very healthy size. 

Thanh Truc Shrimp Siagon Style

I (of course) ordered the much previously discussed Pho.  You can tell that this soup broth is a Thanh Truc labor of love.  The flavors were sooo good, the noodles were perfectly cooked, and the side garnishes were to die for!  Pile on those fresh chiles, basil, lime, and bean sprouts!

Thanh Truc Beef Pho

We both had a great lunch, the interior was very appealing, the food was extra fresh, the service was very timely and I give our overall experience ****/5 stars!  But the beef pho as a standalone gets *****/5 stars.

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