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Lyndale Tap House
2937 Lyndale Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Website: http://www.thelyndale.com/
Menu: http://www.thelyndale.com/menu/

How Did I Find This Place?

While I recently went through a “bargain deal purge” where I unsubscribed to every Groupon, Living Social and numerous other websites that offer restaurant and spa deals that are just “too good to say no”….and I didn’t….I still had a few left when my sister Diane came into town for a week this summer.  Of the ones that I had left, the Lyndale Tap House sounded like the hippest option for two cool cat sisters.

Yeah, we're on a boat.


Located in an area dubbed “Lyn-Lake” because of the cross streets, the Lyndale Tap House opened in 2009.  The interior is a gastropub concept with beautiful wood decor and tables.  The large windows facing the street also open in the summer giving many of the diners some fresh air and light breeze.

Part of the interior at Lyndale Tap House


Almost all of the dishes are best served with a nice tap beer at this high-end pub eatery.  Hot pretzels, maple glazed pork belly, wild rice waldorf, beet salad (a favorite of mine), pub pies, hand cut fries, brussel sprouts (another favorite), sandwiches and also serves brunch on the weekends form 10AM-3PM.

Then there is the pit beef, which is their specialty.  Straight from blue-collared East Baltimore, this top round of beef is seasoned with pepper for three days and then slow cooked for a crunchy outside and rare inside.  It’s then served cut paper thin with horseradish sauce (yes please!).


We decided to share an appetizer since we needed to spend the $30 gift certificate.  Look at this beautiful presentation!

Lyndale Tap Homemade Onion Rings: beer battered onion rings served with homemade spicy ketchup and buttermilk dressing

Diane is a pasta freak so when I glanced at the menu I was less than shocked when she picked the following:

Lyndale Tap Shells and Cheese: Wisconsin smoked cheddar, gouda, scallions, peas and bacon. Topped with buttery bread crumbs.

But I couldn’t go here and not try their specialty (especially since it sounded so interesting) so pit beef it was.

Lyndale Tap's Pit Beef Sandwich: served on a kaiser roll with shaved onion and horseradish sauce. Side of homemade pickles.

As far as the pasta, our conclusion was to skip out on the pasta and just stick with their specialty, well executed pub food.

BUT more about the pub food.  The fries were hand cut and fresh, the onion rings were some of the crunchiest and best I’d ever had and the pit beef sandwich was very good; I would give it a shot if you go.  The horseradish was also a phenomenal co-star!  Yum!


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